After about 7 years in the cleaning field building someone else’s dream, I decided it was time to start building my own. And so began the journey that lead me here, Starting Mop Tarts. If theres one thing I know, its cleaning. I also know how important presentation is when a potential home buyer walks into your property for the first time. Or how you want your home to be tidy and germ free, keeping your stress levels to a minimum. Or how your precious time should be spent doing things like enjoying family and friends, not vacuuming around the desks in the office. Understanding that cleaning isn’t just about sanitizing and tidying things up, its about providing a service that takes some weight off your shoulders, giving you the time to focus on the things that deserve your attention.

Let us do the dirty work.

-Barbara, Mop Tarts.


Head mop enthusiest

Mother of one awesome dude and 10 year cleaning industry vet, She knows her products and what our clients expect.

With a love of life and loyally to the our little tribe, she tackles tasks with a go getter attitude.




Glitter removal specialest

Faithful sister and 7 year service industry vet, converted clean freak.

Her eye for detail and love of all things design, gives our team an aesthetics drive edge.


Dust Rangling Extraordinair

Homemaker, Mom of 2 cutie babes and 8 year care provider.

Like her cousin Morgan, she has a wonderful eye for detail. Her insight and ability to see tasks through to completion,

are a valuable addition to our tribe.